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This is Sparta!!

  • Goal: White Moves Toward Checkmate (Hard)
  • Challenge: Black is about to rain down all kinds of hurt on White. How should White make his stand?
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Chess Trivia
Caissa is the "patron goddess" of chess players. She was created in a poem called Caïssa written in 1763 by English poet and philologist Sir William Jones. In the poem, the god Mars falls in love with the goddess Caissa, portrayed as a Thracian dryad. Caissa rebuffs his advances and suggests he take solace in the company of the god Euphron—the god of sport. Mars then presents the game of chess to Caissa in an attempt to win her affection. Jones' work was inspired by the poem Scacchia ludus ("The game of Chess"), written by Italian poet Marco Girolamo Vida in 1510. For chess players, Caissa is often invoked as a source of inspiration or luck - e.g. "Caissa was with me in that game." (Source)

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